Discours du Consul général Inauguration du Hazboun Media Center

Inauguration de l’extension du projet Hazboun Media Center
Bethléem, 30 janvier 2012

Mr Deputy Minister of National Economy, Dr Abdel Hafiz Nofal,
Mr President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bethlehem, Dr. Samir Hazboun
Mssrs Negib Nasser and Victor Hazboun, in charge of the Hazboun Media Center
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am very pleased to participate today in Bethlehem to the inauguration of the extension of the "Hazboun Media Center". This initiative ensures for the first time in Palestine the digital printing of labels and packaging for a wide range of products, including pharmaceutical and food products.
During my visit, I have been very impressed by the quality of your facility, the high technology that you employ, and the high skills of your workforce.
The project received a grant provided by the French government as part of its efforts to support the Palestinian private sector. I am sure that the modern equipment imported from France thanks to this grant will meet your expectations and will improve the quality of packaging available in Palestine and therefore will reduce the external dependence of the Palestinian industrial sector.
Today we bear witness to a concrete example of how the French grant program to the Palestinian private sector can promote new activities or modernize existing installations. I am sure that your experience will encourage other Palestinian businessmen to seize the opportunities offered by our financial mechanism.

The current phase of the French Protocol amounts to 5 million euros. It was implemented in September 2010 through six Palestinian licensed banks. So far seven projects have been selected to benefit from it and several others are being under review. A team from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, headed by Eric David, is in Palestine and with us today in order to assess the first results of this scheme. I hope and indeed I trust that their observations and the discussions they will have with many interlocutors from the Palestinian Authority and from the private sector will result in recommending an extension of the Grant.
I would like to stress here that France is committed to continue its assistance to the Palestinian private sector as a major component of its support to the Palestinian society. The private sector must become the engine of a healthy and dynamic economy necessary for the creation of a prosperous independent State. I wish that some of your projects will take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new Bethlehem Multidisciplinary Industrial Park - BMIP, to settle on the premises of this Franco Palestinian exemplary initiative that we just visited together Mr Minister.
Thank you very much for your warm welcome. I wish a prosperous future for the activities of the Hazboun Media Center, for Bethlehem and for the Palestinian private sector.

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